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Industrial Automation - IIoT Software & Hardware Solutions

WinBridge™ - Weighing Software Solution

We offer commercial weighing software which is a specialized application that enables accurate and efficient measurement of goods in commercial settings. Our products integrate with weighing scales and provides features like data logging, inventory management, and compliance with industry regulations. We help streamline weighing processes, ensure precision, and enhance productivity in various sectors, such as logistics, manufacturing, and retail.

BatchCon™ - Turnkey Aggregate and Concrete Batching CRM Solution

BatchCon is designed to streamline and optimize the processes involved in managing aggregates and concrete production. These software solutions provide comprehensive tools for tracking and managing aggregate inventory, scheduling production, monitoring quality control, and facilitating customer relationship management. With features like real-time data integration, automated workflows, and advanced reporting capabilities, these systems enable companies to efficiently track their aggregate resources, plan production schedules, ensure product consistency, and effectively manage customer interactions. By centralizing and automating these critical tasks, the software enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, and improves customer satisfaction in the aggregate and concrete industry. BatchCon can be integrated seamlessly into your ERP systems for easy invoicing and stock management.

Opto22 Hardware & Software Solutions

We are the only official African Opto22 partner. Opto 22's expertise lies in the development of reliable hardware and software systems for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. By partnering with Opto 22, companies can leverage their extensive knowledge and industry experience to enhance their own product offerings and provide customers with robust and scalable solutions. With access to Opto 22's technology stack, partners can develop customized applications, integrate systems seamlessly, and unlock new opportunities in the realm of industrial automation. Collaborating with us empowers businesses to stay at the forefront of industrial control technology and deliver exceptional value to their customers.

Weighing Hardware Solutions

Our automation and weighing hardware work in tandem to facilitate efficient and accurate measurement processes. Automation hardware, such as conveyor systems or robotic arms, can automate the movement and handling of objects during weighing operations. Weighing hardware, including scales or load cells, ensures precise measurements, providing the necessary data for automation systems to optimize workflows in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and agriculture.

POS Weighing Software Solutions

We provide a world-first solution for aggregate quarries with our POS weighing software solution, which integrates weighing functionality into point-of-sale systems. This allows businesses to accurately measure and price products during the sales process. These solutions enable seamless integration with weighing scales, streamline transactions, calculate accurate prices based on weight, and provide real-time inventory management. 

Unmanned WeighBridge Monitoring & Automation

Weighbridge monitoring and automation bring numerous advantages to various industries that rely on accurate weight measurements. Firstly, automation eliminates manual data entry errors, ensuring precise and reliable weight readings. It streamlines the weighing process, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency by automating data capture and storage. Additionally, weighbridge automation enhances safety by minimizing human intervention in potentially hazardous areas. The real-time monitoring capabilities allow for instant access to weight data, enabling proactive decision-making and timely interventions. Integration with other systems, such as inventory management or enterprise resource planning (ERP), enhances overall operational efficiency and reduces paperwork. Overall, weighbridge monitoring and automation increase productivity, accuracy, safety, and streamline operations for industries that heavily rely on weight measurements, such as logistics, mining, agriculture, and waste management.

Why Choose Opto Africa Automation

At Opto Africa Automation, we provide customized automation solutions that are tailored to your business needs. We offer reliable and cost-effective hardware solutions and our software solutions are developed to improve efficiency and productivity. Our team of experts provide training and support to ensure that you get the most out of our solutions. Choose Opto Africa Automation for all your industrial automation and IIoT needs.

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